We started using Olaplex in The Salon at the beginning of November after hearing great things about it…and well what can I say…? Believe the hype! This is hands down the most amazing product I have ever used. As most of my clients will know, I have never been big into selling and pushing products on to them to make a profit, but I really want all our clients to at least try this product once, whether it is in its stand alone treatment form, or mixed in with their colour. I keep waiting for one of  my clients to say “It doesn’t feel any different.” but as yet, the most common comment is  “Wow! It doesn’t look like my hair!”


What is Olaplex? Olaplex repairs the broken bonds in your hair making it feel and look noticeably stronger, it can work on over processed, dry and damaged hair. I have taken before and after pictures of clients hair that I have used Olaplex on and the results speak for themselves. Olaplex is not a conditioning treatment nor is it a colour or bleach, it is unlike any other repair treatment you will have had before. Olaplex comes in 3 parts, Number 1 & 2 which are in salon professional treatments, and Number 3 which is a take home maintenance treatment.

If you have any more questions about how Olaplex and how it could work for you, please call us at the salon and we will happily answer any of your questions. Jenni

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